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John Frawley

for the first time in Ukraine

legendary British astrologer

November 11-13

Horary astrology

What will you learn from workshop or
what is horary astrology?

  • You will be able to predict the developments and situations which are of interest for the current period of life.
  • You will be able to get the exact and quick answers to your questions and questions of other people.
  • You will be able to make decisions consciously through understanding of what is really going on.
  • You will know the truth and you will understand developments.
  • You will become stronger and more successful.

A wide range of issues of HORARY ASTROLOGY touches all the spheres of human life: love, relations, family, partnership, work, health, children, business and so on. Will I get this job? Will I be with this guy? Is he a reliable partner? Will I be successful in this business? –This list of questions, far from a complete one, can be explored with the help of HORARY ASTROLOGY.

Construction of an astrological chart is a simple task and is performed in a special program. For construction of an astrological chart no birth data is needed. A chart construction is based on the place, date and time of a question.

John Frawley will give you the clues to how to determine the moment when the question arises, how to define the chart-radicality, how to read a chart correctly and give the correct answer to a question.

Myths which do not exist

It is too complicated!

You are already able to do more complicated things.

I have to be a practicing astrologer.

It will surely be an advantage. But if you are even not qualified or you think you are not prepared enough the topic will be understandable.

I am an astrologer, but i don't practice horary astrology technique much, it does not work.

You have to join our workshop with John Frawley for sure! You will find out that it really works!

I am a cool astrologer. I know everything!

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John Frawley


John Frawley is a popular British astrologer who became famous for his exact results predictions of live sport competitions.

His name is widely known in the international astrological community. Frawley contributed very much to development and popularization of traditional astrology including ancient technique of horary astrology, it became his hallmark. . Frawley`s predictions are accurate and elegant and he shares his skill with pleasure. He is an expert on teaching and he has clients and disciples on 6 continents!

To get lessons in horary astrology by John Frawley – is a great piece of luck for all who are aiming at practical knowledge, development and self-knowledge.

For whom is this workshop?

Workshop is a format of dynamic group-work where every participant gains new knowledge and skills.
Workshop is a possibility of live dialogue and communication with the Master. It is the most effective way to gain maximum knowledge and skills on prediction of different situations by means of technique of HORARY ASTROLOGY.
John Frawley is an expert on teaching. He has clients and disciples on 6 continents!
John Frawley will give you the “clues” to reveal the secrets even of very difficult horary charts.

For professional astrologers

There is no limit to perfection! Welcome to the workshop of John Frawley! You will be able to make your art and predictions more accurate, stronger and more powerful!

For beginners

John Frawley has a huge experience in teaching and he makes it interesting and easy to understand for every participant of his workshop.

All the participants of workshop will get a diploma
with John Frawley's signature!

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Do you want to answer difficult questions and predict future?

Learn from the best experts!

All books by John Frawley are astrological best-sellers. His “The horary textbook” was given a prestigious international award “СПИКА” in 2001. It also became “Bible” for all modern practicing horary astrologers. Behind seeming simplicity of the method which is described in this book stay experience, skill and talent of the author. Horary astrology which is represented by John Frawley in Ukraine for the first time represents a unique technique of answering questions, which natal astrology is not able to answer. For participants of this unique workshop John will reveal secrets and principles of horary technique, he will make them simple and understandable even for beginners.


Day 1

November 11, Friday


Participant's registration.
The night is expected to be wonderful: relaxed atmosphere, communication with astrologers, acquaintances, consultations, presentations of different astrological schools.

19:30 - 21:00

Lecture of John Frawley.

Day 2

November 12, Saturday


Beginning of workshop.

13:30 - 14:30

Break (for lunch).


The end of the 1st day.

Day 3

November 13, Sunday


Beginning of the 2nd day.

13:30 - 14:30

Break (for lunch).


End of workshop, diploma.




2-hour seminar of John Frawley

For anyone interested in astrology

Почему вам нужно прийти

Встреча с культовым астрологом современности Джоном Фроули откроет перед Вами уникальную возможность прогнозировать будущее. Хорарная техника – это сакральная работа с небесной системой звезд, которая лежит в основе естественного устройства мира! На встрече Вы узнаете как это работает, как можно получить информацию о любой волнующей ситуации и ее развитие в будущем. Точный, простой и быстрый метод от легендарного Джона Фроули! Специалисты по картам и кофейной гуще остаются далеко позади! Нет необходимости использовать магические силы (темные, светлые) или другие энергетические структуры. Стоимость лекции не является коммерческой и направлена на расширения личного мировоззрения.

350 UAH

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*мы оставляем за собой право увеличить стоимость билетов в связи с ростом курса валют

3-day workshop with John Frawley

For anyone who wants to improve their level

  • 3 500 UAH since October 24
  • 4 000 UAH since November 9

3 500 UAH

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*мы оставляем за собой право увеличить стоимость билетов в связи с ростом курса валют

Finally we got a possibility to attend a workshop of John Frawley, hold his instruments and get a warm by hearth. And who knows may be we will be able to adopt skill and see our future in a magic ball.